Travelling salesman


Nejahl the travelling salesman is a master wizard with a penchant for mischief making. His eccentric nature baffles most journeymen, making him appear more mad than anything else.

Very little is known about Nejahl, as he rarely keeps any company longer than a few minutes and travels around the world constantly with his shop. Prefering the travel light, Nejahl stores his small tent-like kiosk and travelling stuffs in a magical space that he has custom designed for himself, allowing him to travel with nothing but the clothes he wears while having anything he may require on hand at a moments notice.

Prefering to remain shrouded in mystery, the wizard rarely reveals his name, giving a outwardly-appearing blank ‘business card’ to those that he decides may be worth his time. The card, if decyphered can be used as a means of contacting Nejahl should the need arise. Whether or not he responds, or is remotely helpful, is always a gamble.


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