Equitable Endeavours

The Duskwood

After a good nights sleep, our heroes awaken and finally bother introducing themselves to each other! Felix the Shifter Cleric, Tarak the Fighter, Lady Victany Silverwing the Elven Ranger, Anony the Gnomish Bard, Orin the Gnome Psion, Shuri the Dragonborn Sorcerer and The Warden.

As unlikely a bunch as any, the adventurers decide that theirs skills work well together and that staying together in search of fortune may work out profitable for them all, and so Equitable Endeavours was born. While finding no jobs going at the moment on the town charter, they ask a local guard about the geography. They find out that there is only one commonly used road out of the outpost which leads back to Fallcrest which is a 2 day hike. There are also two bush paths out of the outpost which lead in different directions into the Duskwood. To the NW is a path that leads to the abandoned Duskwood Mansion, and to the NE a path that leads out to Grim Warren Ridge.

Ignoring the wishes of their Cleric, the group make a majority vote decision to head towards Grim Warren Ridge and set off into the Duskwood



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